Q – What does it mean to be eligible for services?

A – To be eligible to receive services from the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), you must have a disability which keeps you from handling your daily activities independently.

Q – What does it mean to have a developmental disability?

A – A developmental disability is a physical or mental impairment, but not just mental illness, or it can be a combination of mental and physical impairments.

  • It will probably continue forever
  • It started before you turned 22
  • You need supports or assistance to live independently
  • You need the support of a team to help with your services and treatment

Q - What form has to be filled out to determine if I am eligible

A – You must complete an eligibility application – Click Here for the Eligibility Application (PDF)

Q – Who do I send the form to once it has been completed?

A – Once you complete the entire application – you will send it to the regional office that supports the county you work in. Click here for the Regional Map and Regional Office Information

Q – When will I find out if I am eligible to receive services from DDA?

A – The Regional Office will send you a letter that says if you are eligible to receive services and the category that you fit in that allows you to receive services.

Q- What are the priority categories?

A – There are 3 priority categories. These categories are the order of priority in which applicants receive services.

  1. Crisis Resolution: This means you are currently in a crisis or emergency situation(for example - abuse, neglect, homeless).
  2. Crisis Prevention: This means you are or will be in health or safety crisis within the next year.
  3. Current Request: This means you need or want services though health and safety but they are not the immediate issues.