Employment First provides Salisbury with a Sub and a Smile

Louis Sampson is the face and personality in the lobby of the Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurant in Salisbury, Maryland. Louis is served by the Eastern Shore Regional Office of the Developmental Disabilities Administration.

Louis has been the “front of the house” man for Jersey Mike’s Subs for more than a year, and he is loving his job. As the dining room assistant, Louis is responsible for greeting customers, cleaning off tables, restocking supplies and keeping the lobby neat. As soon as a customer walks through the door, Louis greets him or her with a big smile and a “Welcome to Jersey Mike’s.” He makes sure that the tables are clean for customers and grabs an extra napkin or straw for anyone in need. He walks from table to table talking to customers, bringing a smile wherever he goes. Louis takes pride in his job and always has his uniform ready for work.

“Louis is doing a great job,” according to his assistant manager, Lindsey Jones.

Louis was recognized for his hard work at a recent employer’s breakfast held at Dove Pointe in Salisbury, Maryland on Oct. 12th, 2017. Dove Pointe provides Louis with employment supports, transportation and residential services. Louis expressed interest in finding a job well over a year ago, so he started working with his Dove Pointe Job Developer, James Tobart. Tobart notes that it “wasn’t hard to find Louis a job, as his personality really sealed the deal.” Tobart said that once they found an opening at Jersey Mike’s, Louis got the job on his own. Andrew Jobes, Manager of Jersey Mike’s Subs, told the crowd at Dove Pointe that they will soon be opening a second location in Salisbury. There are already plans to designate at least one position specifically for a person with a disability.

“Louis is such a valued employee and really shows what people with disabilities can do and what they have to give,” Jobes said.

Jeff Brittingham, Dove Pointe Community Outreach Director, noted that Louis is a good worker and really values his job.

“Louis starts calling his transportation coordinator several hours before each shift to make sure that he will be to work on time,” Brittingham said.

 “I’ve got the best job for the best people ever,” Sampson said. “It’s all about doing a great job and making the people happy.”