LTSSMaryland Provider Portal Registration and Training

The Maryland Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSSMaryland) functionality supports Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) service providers to review and accept service referrals, complete billing and access participants' information, including a participant’s Person-Centered Plan. To help provider agencies transition to LTSSMaryland, the DDA is providing hands-on provider portal training sessions from January 7, 2020 through February 2020 based on the different LTSSMaryland provider user roles listed below.

LTSSMaryland Provider Portal User Roles and Functions include:

  • Admin Provider – Creates and manages staff roles in LTSSMaryland, accepts Service Referral Requests, bills for services rendered and can complete all Provider Agency functions
  • Program Director – Can accept Service Referral Requests on behalf of the Agency and view participants' information
  • Program Staff - Can review Service Referral Requests and view participants' information
  • Billing Provider - Can enter billing for services rendered and view participants' information

LTSSMaryland Provider Portal - Provider Staff Account Requirements:

An LTSSMaryland account must be created for staff specific to any of the above roles.  The initial registration deadline to create an LTSSMaryland Account for January and February 2020 training has now passed.  To create an account manually, please reach out to Ian.Collins@Maryland.Gov

LTSSMaryland Provider Portal Training Overview

All staff at your agency who will perform functions in the LTSSMaryland provider portal should attend a training session. Agency staff members who will review and accept services to attend Program Training. Agency leadership, people who will manage staff in the system, should attend the Administrator Training


Agencies with leadership and program staff who will perform dual roles in the LTSSMaryland system are welcome to attend both the Administrator and Program Training sessions. 

LTSS System Roles

Agency Titles
(as examples)




Training Time Period

Session Length

Admin Provider

CFO, CEO, Managing Director, COO, Finance Director

Creates and manages agency staff roles; can complete functions listed below 

Jan. 2020 –

Feb. 2020

90 mins

Program Director

Residential Program Director, Day Program Director, Employment Services Director, Manager of Admissions, Program Manager

Accepts Service Referrals on behalf of the agency

Jan. 2020 –

Feb. 2020

4 hours

Program Staff

Residential Coordinator, Employment Coordinator

Reviews Service Referral Requests

Jan. 2020 –

Feb. 2020

4 Hours

Billing Provider

Fiscal Manager, Revenue Cycle Manager, Fiscal Staff, Billing Manager

Completes billing on behalf of agency


Spring 2020


LTSSMaryland Provider Portal training webinars are also available - The webinars cover the same material as the in-person training sessions 



Create and Manage Agency Staff Profiles in LTSSMaryland 



Service Authorization Referrals for Person-Centered Plans in LTSSMaryland  



Search and View Client information in LTSSMaryland  

For more information and to schedule an in-person training session, please click HERE. ​