LTSSMaryland Provider Portal

The Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) is transitioning provider authorization and billing from its legacy Provider Consumer Information System (PCIS2) to the Maryland Long Term Services and Support System (LTSSMaryland). The user friendly LTSSMaryland system streamlines the coordination, delivery and payment for people in the DDA’s three Medicaid Waivers and State-Funded Services.

Become A User

To get trained and start using LTSSMaryland Provider Portal, you will need to create an account. There are four types of provider accounts, based upon the role you play in your agency. Watch this training video to learn about the different roles and how to create an account.

Types of User Roles

      ​Admin Provider – Creates and manages staff roles in LTSSMaryland, accepts Service Referral Requests, bills for services rendered and can complete all Provider Agency functions

      Program Director – Can accept Service Referral Requests on behalf of the Agency and view participants' information

      Program Staff - Can review Service Referral Requests and view participants' information

      Billing Provider - Can enter billing for services rendered and view participants' information

Get Trained

All agency staff who use LTSSMaryland provider portal should attend a training session. Schedule an in ​personn training at: LTSSMaryland TRAINING CALENDAR. ​