Daniel Evans, See Me as a Coworker

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My name is Daniel Evans. I work as the records coordinator for the Eligibility Department at the Southern Maryland Regional Office (SMRO) for the Maryland Department of Health Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). I have been with the SMRO since August 2009 when I started as a volunteer worker.

For three and a half years I worked hard and remained consistent in my work, which lead to me becoming a full-time employee on March 6, 2013. During my time with the DDA, I have been recognized for my hard work as an “Employee of the Month” and I was featured on the flyer for the “Prince George’s County Inclusion Works Breakfast.”

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I enjoy working for the SMRO, because it allows me to stay busy and help others when needed. It also allows me to be social with others, which I enjoy a lot. I am eager to help, and at times, seek opportunities to offer my assistance. I am a hard worker and tend to keep a positive attitude every day. Those I have closely worked with, have told me that I am a “strong asset to the Eligibility Department” and that they are “very lucky to have me.” 

I have been told that I am organized and demonstrate great leadership skills, which makes me feel extremely appreciated by my coworkers. I have a great relationship with everyone in the office. I enjoy coming to work every day where I am accepted for who I am.